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International Transportation & Customs: Companies

The following databases provide in-depth company profiles, analysis, overviews, history, SWOT reports and more.

Best Bets:
Additional Databases:
Business & News Articles:
News Articles:

A business directory lists companies by product or industry and includes location and contact information. Some also provide company size and sales.

International Companies:
Canadian Companies:

Companies prepare Annual Reports to provide a review of their operations and financial conditions.

Databases with SEC filings:
Public Company Filings:
Company Websites:

Many company websites provide Annual Reports and other disclosure documents in an Investor Relations page. pdf See example

Canadian Rankings:
American Rankings:
Public companies are easier to research because they are required to provide detailed information in annual reports.   Private companies and subsidiaries of public companies are more challenging to research because they are not required to release any information.

Business Research Tutorials

Learn more about library research, and how to find information on business topics.

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