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Writing and Communicating Technical Information: Infographics

What is an Infographic?

The word infographic is an abbreviation of "information graphic". It is a visual representation of data or editorial content. "Simply put, an infographic uses visual cues to communicate information. They do not need to contain a certain amount of data, possess a certain complexity, or present a certain level of analysis. There is no threshold at which something "becomes" an infographic. It can be as simple as a road sign of a man with a shovel that lets you know there is construction ahead, or as complex as a visual analysis of the global economy" (Lankow, Ritchie, & Crooks, 2012, A note on terminology: Infographics, para. 2).

Lankow, J., Ritchie, J., Crooks, R., & EBSCOhost. (2012). Infographics The Power of Visual Storytelling. New York: Wiley.

Key Resources for Infographics

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