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Library Tutorial for Sustainable Business Management

Consumer Information

For information on consumer attitudes and preferences regarding sustainability, sources like Mintel and Statista may have relevant reports and data. These databases can be searched by keywords, such as a specific topic, product, trend, etc. And, results may include data that can be downloaded to Excel or other formats, PDF report downloads, or PowerPoint files.

For example, the Mintel database includes reports on The Ethical Consumer - Canada and Sustainability in Food - Canada, as well as various US-focused reports. These reports include analysis and data related to the topic, in various formats.

View the interactive video below to learn how to search in Mintel. (Note: This video does not have audio)

Statistical Information via Statista

Statista is a source for statistics and data on a wide range of topics. And, this database can be quickly searched by keywords.

Give it a try!
Sign in to Statista using the link below, search for keywords like Sustainability Canada, or Renewable Energy or Greenhouse Gas, or another topic of interest. Review the results and consider if/how they might relate to sustainable business management.


Statista also publishes a Global Consumer Survey. For more information on consumer behaviour in Canada, and many countries internationally, click Global Survey in Statista's top menu. To learn more about the navigating the global consumer survey, and what the kind of topics covered, review Statista's guide: Getting Started: Global Consumer Survey.