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Alerts, RSS Feeds, and Social Media: Twitter

What is Twitter?

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Twitter is a social networking platform that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called tweets. Tweets may contain up to 140 characters of text, photos, videos, and links. Tweets are posted on user profiles, visible on followers' feed, and are searchable through Twitter Search. 

Following someone on Twitter means you've chosen to subscribe to their Twitter updates, their tweets. When you follow someone, their new posts appear on your Twitter feed. 

New to Twitter? Here's a glossary of terms you will hear in reference to this network. 

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The Illustrated Story of Twitter

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Twitter and Professional Development

There are a number of ways of building a professional network on Twitter. You can follow specific @accounts (@CollegesOntario), or tap into content using a #hashtag (#ScholarSunday).

You can also have real time conversations with peers on a specific topic, during a Twitter chat (otherwise known as the Tweet chat). 

Twitter chats take place on Twitter, at a specific time, and are connected by a designated #hashtag (i.e. #HEAchat). Twitter chats have a host or moderator, who poses questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…). Chats are typically an hour in length. 

Below you'll find a number of twitter chats you may want to participate in: Training logoThe following courses will provide you with background and practical information about Twitter. Login with your Seneca ID to view them.