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Alerts, RSS Feeds, and Social Media: Social Media

About This Page

social media share iconSocial media networks offer an opportunity to tap into rich professional and personal learning experiences. In these pages, you will be introduced to three social media tools, through which you can connect to networks of individuals that share your professional interests, specifically: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

Social Media according to Merriam Webster Dictionary

social media definition forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)Definition in Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Social Media Vocabulary

Here are some words you should be familiar with, in the world of social media: 

The most popular reaction to a post on Facebook (thumbs up). 

A Twitter post is called a tweet. 

When you share someone else's post on Twitter, you retweet. 

DM: Direct Message 
A direct message is a private conversation between two people. 

A word used to describe the essence of a post. Originated on Twitter, now used on other social media channels. #definition 

A person's username on social media. You can find Seneca Libraries under @senecalibraries on Twitter. 

Acknowledging someone in a tweet/post by using their @handle. 

Short History of Social Media

Watch this video on YouTube: 

Tips for Beginners

number one iconGet to know the various privacy settings of the social media platform before you begin.

number two iconNever post or share anything that you would not say in person. Assume that anyone (employer, family member, friend, etc.) can find your content at any time. Consider your digital footprint.   

number three iconProtect your personal information, and never share your social media passwords with anyone.  

number four iconIf you're not ready to contribute content, feel free to lurk and learn first.  

number five icon

Remember that social media is about dialogue and community. It is not just a broadcasting tool. Reply to others thoughtfully.   

number six icon

Post content that is interesting, relevant, useful, and engaging.  

number seven icon

If you share or use other people's content, remember to give them credit.  

number eight iconConsider having separate accounts for personal and professional use, especially if you plan to use social media with your students. This can help you protect your personal space.

Interesting Reads

Social Media & Professional Development

Social media platforms create online communities where individuals with similar interests can share and exchange information and ideas, stay up to date on relevant trends and research, and find out about upcoming professional events. Geographical boundaries do not exist on social media, so conversations have the potential to be conducted at a global scale. 

twitter logoTwitter engages users in conversations through moderated Twitter Chats or Tweet Chats, with a #hashtag used to keep content together. 

facebook logo Facebook utilizes the social power of Groups and Pages to bring people with similar interests together. 

linkedin logo LinkedIn connects you to a global professional network in Groups, facilitates conversations through subject specific discussions, and showcases your professional experience through your Profile

Social Media Platforms

social media platforms explained
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Every social media tool can be used in different ways, and for different purposes. How do you know which one to choose?

  • Browse the community to see how others are using it 
  • Read its FAQ and analyze its branding and mission statements 
  • Look for articles, reviews, and blog entries about it
  • Try it out to see if it will do what you want (be creative!)