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Troubleshooting Tips

Before submitting a problem report, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Is there a temporary known issue with the resource you are trying to access?

    Check our Notifications page to see if there is a known issue with one of our resources.

  2. Are there special licensing or vendor limitations on the resource you are trying to access?

    Some resources allow on-campus access only or have a limit on number of concurrent users. See the descriptions in our A-Z Databases to see if there are special conditions associated with the resource you are trying to access.

  3. Do other Seneca Libraries databases and resources work for you?

    If only one resource is inaccessible, this may mean that particular resource is temporarily down. Please use this form to report this to us if we have not already updated our Notifications page.

  4. Are you reaching the expected Seneca Libraries log-in screens?

    When you access Seneca Libraries electronic resources, you will be prompted to log in using your My.Seneca account. One of the following login windows should appear.

    If you do not see either of these log-in screens, try clearing your cookies and re-open the resource using Library Search or links found on our A-Z Databases page.

  5. Do you know your My.Seneca username and password?

    If you do not know your My.Seneca username and password, you can use ITS's MyID Self Service tool to recover it.

  6. Are you experiencing an error when you enter your MySeneca username and password?

    You must have a valid My.Seneca account to access Seneca Libraries electronic resources. For students, this requires you to be currently enrolled in at least one class. You can check if your My.Seneca account is active by logging into My.Seneca. To get help activating or troubleshooting your My.Seneca account, contact the ITS service desk.

  7. Have you tried using a different browser?

    Sometimes certain databases or websites work better in some browsers than others. You can use ProQuest's Browser Health Check tool to see information about your browser.

  8. Are you trying to access the resource from inside a "framed" environment such as My.Seneca?

    If the resource wants to open "inside" the container of another platform (such as My.Seneca) by default, try opening the resource on its own in a separate window.