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Public Safety & Police Studies: Forensics

This guide was created to support the Public Safety and Police Foundations community at Seneca College. It showcases articles, documents, websites, and other resources of interest to the program.

Forensics eBooks

Police Procedures

Streaming Videos Forensics

Bomb on Board: The Mystery of CP Flight 21

2019 | 18min 46sec | CC

The mysterious crash of CP Flight 21 five decades ago remains one of the largest unsolved mass murders in Canadian history. 

Black Code

2016 | 90min | CC unavailable

Where big data meets big brother — The story of how governments manipulate the internet to censor and monitor their citizens, and how those citizens are fighting back.

Eyewitness: Unreliable Evidence

2003 | 22min 34sec : CC- Unavailable

It's one of the justice system's little secrets. Take a selective and sometimes deceptive memory, add flawed police procedures, and witnesses will identify the wrong person — but no one knows how often.

Eyewitness: Memory in Criminal Investigation

2009 | 3-part Series 1h each | CC
In the aftermath of a crime, especially a violent one, how reliable is human memory? Why can’t police rely on eyewitness accounts to determine exactly what happened? Using hidden cameras, simulated crimes, and ten unsuspecting volunteers, this three-part series reveals the science behind the role of memory in criminal investigation. Interviews with experts in forensic psychology, identification, and the science of human perception help viewers interpret the experiment as it unfolds. Original Open University broadcast title: Eyewitness. 3-part series, 59 minutes each.


book cover

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Response and Investigation

This book is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with response guidelines and evidence gathering techniques that may be utilized when responding to an incident involving the use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

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