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New Titles: Fashion

New Items at Seneca Libraries

Added to collection between April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021


Please note that this list only includes eBooks and Streaming Videos. Print items are not displayed because campus libraries are currently closed.
Please contact your liaison librarians for more information about collections for your academic area.


Title Author Material Location
A practical guide to sustainable fashion /
Gwilt, Alison eBook online
Advances in functional finishing of textiles
eBook online
Brand beauty unleashed : the value of aesthetics in marketing /
Álvarez del Blanco, Roberto eBook online
Circular economy and re-commerce in the fashion industry /
eBook online
Costing for the fashion industry /
Evans, Nathalie (Nathalie Nicole Françoise) eBook online
Designing fashion's future : present practice and tactics for sustainable change /
Payne, Alice eBook online
Digital research methods in fashion and textile studies /
Sikarskie, Amanda Grace, 1982- eBook online
Digitalization in the luxury fashion industry : strategic branding for millennial consumers /
Cabigiosu, Anna eBook online
Doing research in fashion and dress an introduction to qualitative methods /
Kawamura, Yuniya, 1963-/td> eBook online
Fashion and film : moving images and consumer behavior /
eBook online
Fashion design : a guide to the industry and the creative process /
Antoine, Denis eBook online
Fashion marketing and communication : theory and practice across the fashion industry /
Mitterfellner, Olga, 1978- eBook online
Fashion promotion : building a brand through marketing and communication /
Moore, Gwyneth, author. eBook online
Fashion stylists : history, meaning and practice /
eBook online
Fashion trends : analysis and forecasting /
Kim, Eundeok eBook online
Fast fashion, fashion brands and sustainable consumption /
eBook online
Fibers for technical textiles /
eBook online
How to wear socks /
Jannuzzi, John eBook online
Introducing fashion theory : from androgyny to Zeitgeist /
Reilly, Andrew Hinchcliffe eBook online
Libertine fashion : sexual freedom, rebellion, and style /
Geczy, Adam eBook online
Luxury and fashion marketing : the global perspective /
Singh, Satyendra, 1966- eBook online
Made up : how the beauty industry manipulates consumers, preys on women's insecurities, and promotes unattainable beauty standards /
Laham, Martha, author. eBook online
Makeup in the world of beauty vlogging : community, commerce, and culture /
eBook online
Managing fashion : a management perspective /
Hameide, Kaled K. eBook online
Supply chain management and logistics in the global fashion sector : the sustainability challenge /
eBook online
Sustainable technologies for fashion and textiles /
eBook online
Sustainable textile and fashion value chains : drivers, concepts, theories and solutions /
eBook online
The Spa Manager's Essential Guide /
Wallace, Mike eBook online
The artification of luxury fashion brands : synergies, contaminations, and hybridizations /
eBook online
The dangers of fashion : towards ethical and sustainable solutions /
Marcketti, Sara B. eBook online
The dictionary of fashion history /
Cumming, Valerie eBook online
The magic pattern book : sew 6 patterns into 36 different styles! /
Barickman, Amy, 1968- eBook online
Understanding luxury fashion : from emotions to brand building /
eBook online
Women's Fashion : Spring Summer 2019 /
eBook online
Women's Fashion : Spring Summer 2020 /
eBook online
Women's Fashion : Spring Summer 2021 /
eBook online
Women's Fashion : Spring Summer 2022 /
eBook online