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New Titles: English & Liberal Studies

New Items at Seneca Libraries

Added to collection between April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022


Please note that this list only includes eBooks and Streaming Videos. Print items are not displayed because campus libraries are currently closed.
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English & Liberal Studies

Title Author Material Location
#identity : hashtagging race, gender, sexuality, and nation / ABIGAIL DE KOSNIK eBook online
A long journey home : Isabel Bayrakdarian /   streaming video
Absent mandate : strategies and choices in Canadian elections / Clarke, Harold D. author. eBook online
Addictive consumption : capitalism, modernity and excess / Reith, Gerda, 1969- author. eBook online
After the rise and stall of American feminism : taking back a revolution / Chancer, Lynn S., 1954- author. eBook online
Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism / Noble, Safiya Umoja, author. eBook online
American Indian image makers of Hollywood / Berumen, Frank Javier Garcia author. eBook online
Anti/vax : reframing the vaccination controversy / Hausman, Bernice L. author. eBook online
Arrows in a quiver : Indigenous-Canadian relations from contact to the courts / Frideres, James S., 1943- author. eBook online
Assisted reproduction policy in Canada : framing, federalism, and failure / Snow, Dave, 1985- author. eBook online
At the centre of government : the prime minister and the limits on political power / Brodie, Ian author. (Ian Ross) eBook online
Bad arguments : 100 of the most important fallacies in Western philosophy /   eBook online
Bad endings : stories / Baker, Carleigh author. eBook online
Banned : immigration enforcement in the time of Trump / Wadhia, Shoba Sivaprasad author. eBook online
Behavioral economics : the basics / Corr, Philip J. author. eBook online
Behind the screen : content moderation in the shadows of social media / Roberts, Sarah T. (Professor of information studies) author. eBook online
Being Chinese in Canada : the struggle for identity, redress and belonging / Dere, William Ging Wee, author. eBook online
Being indigenous : perspectives on activism, culture, language and identity /   eBook online
Beyond His dark materials : innocence and experience in the fiction of Philip Pullman / Bobby, Susan Redington, 1969- eBook online
Big Nate : payback time! / Peirce, Lincoln author. eBook online
Big Nate goes bananas / Peirce, Lincoln author, illustrator. eBook online
Black mirror and philosophy : dark reflections /   eBook online
Blue covenant : the global water crisis and the coming battle for the right to water / Barlow, Maude. eBook online
Border wars : inside Trump's assault on immigration / Davis, Julie Hirschfeld, 1975- author. eBook online
Bored, lonely, angry, stupid : changing feelings about technology, from the telegraph to Twitter / Fernandez, Luke author. eBook online
Braiding legal orders : implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples /   eBook online
Breakdown : the pipeline debate and the threat to Canada's future / McConaghy, Dennis, 1952- author. eBook online
Breaking barriers : a history of integration in professional basketball / Stark, Douglas 1972- author. (Douglas Andrew), eBook online
Bubbles and crashes : the boom and bust of technological innovation / Goldfarb, Brent author. eBook online
Can we feed the world without destroying it? / Holt-Giménez, Eric author. eBook online
Capitalism and the alternatives / Grey, Julius H. author. eBook online
Capitalism, alone : the future of the system that rules the world / Milanović, Branko author. eBook online
Care work : dreaming disability justice / Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi, 1975- author. eBook online
Career rookie : a get-it-together guide for grads, students, and career newbies / Vermunt, Sarah, 1980- author. eBook online
Celebrity mad : why otherwise intelligent people worship fame / Kahr, Brett author. eBook online
Celebrity society : the struggle for attention / Van Krieken, Robert author. eBook online
Chasing chickens : when life after higher education doesn't go the way you planned / Neff, Rachel Anna author. eBook online
Citizenfour /   streaming video
Climate Change and Renewable Energy How to End the Climate Crisis. Bush, Martin J. eBook online
Communicating hip-hop : how hip-hop culture shapes popular culture / Sciullo, Nick J. author. eBook online
Conformity : the power of social influences / Sunstein, Cass R. author. eBook online
Crash   streaming video
Darkness by design : the hidden power in global capital markets / Mattli, Walter author. eBook online
Decolonization : a short history / Jansen, Jan C. author. eBook online
Democracy in Canada : the disintegration of our institutions / Savoie, Donald J., 1947- author. eBook online
Diary of a wimpy kid : double down / Kinney, Jeff author, illustrator. eBook online
Diary of a wimpy kid. Kinney, Jeff author. eBook online
Digital renaissance : what data and economics tell us about the future of popular culture / Waldfogel, Joel, 1962- author. eBook online
Disconnect : Facebook's affective bonds / Karppi, Tero author. eBook online
Disney and philosophy : truth, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust /   eBook online
Eco-capitalism : carbon money, climate finance, and sustainable development / Guttmann, Robert, 1951- author. eBook online
Elizabeth Bishop and the music of literature /   eBook online
Empowered : popular feminism and popular misogyny / Banet-Weiser, Sarah, 1966- author. eBook online
Essential Korean reader / Roh, Jaemin author. eBook online
Exit through the gift shop.   streaming video  
Exoplanets : hidden worlds and the quest for extraterrestrial life / Goldsmith, Donald, author. eBook online
Exploring society.   streaming video online
Exploring society.   streaming video online
Exploring society.   streaming video online
Exploring society.   streaming video online
Exploring society. religion, family and economics   streaming video online
Extreme sports, extreme bodies : gender, identities and bodies in motion / Andreasson, Jesper author. eBook online
Final negotiations : a story of love, loss, and chronic illness / Ellis, Carolyn, 1950- eBook online
Flags of our fathers /   streaming video online
Food as a human right : combatting global hunger and forging a path to food sovereignty / Schanbacher, William D. author. eBook online
Food security : from excess to enough / Martin, Ralph C. 1953- author. (Ralph Cameron), eBook online
For good measure : an agenda for moving beyond GDP /   eBook online
From Gutenberg to Google : the history of our future / Wheeler, Tom, 1946- author. eBook online
From the ashes : my story of being M�etis, homeless, and finding my way / Thistle, Jesse author. eBook online
From where I stand : rebuilding Indigenous Nations for a stronger Canada / Wilson-Raybould, Jody, 1971- author. eBook online
Getting away from it all : vacations and identity / Stein, Karen, 1979- author. eBook online
Global meat : social and environmental consequences of the expanding meat industry /   eBook online
Global politics and its violent care for indigeneity : sequels to colonialism / Lindroth, Marjo author. eBook online
Grizzly man /   streaming video online
Have you eaten grandma? : or, the life-saving importance of correct punctuation, grammar, and good English / Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- author. eBook online
Heidegger's life and thought a tarnished legacy / O'Brien, Mahon author. eBook online
High time : the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada /   eBook online
House divided : how the missing middle will solve Toronto's affordability crisis /   eBook online
How a poem moves : a field guide for readers of poetry / Sol, Adam, 1969- author. eBook online
How technology is changing human behavior : issues and benefits /   eBook online
Identities and interests : race, ethnicity, and affinity voting / Besco, Randy, 1983- author. eBook online
Immigration, racial and ethnic studies in 150 years of Canada : retrospects and prospects /   eBook online
Ingenious : the unintended consequences of human innovation / Gluckman, Peter D. author. eBook online
Invictus /   streaming video online
Invisible women : data bias in a world designed for men / Criado-Perez, Caroline author. eBook online
Islamophobia, race, and global politics / Kazi, Nazia, 1982- author. eBook online
Joni Mitchell : in her own words : conversations with Malka Marom. Mitchell, Joni interviewee. eBook online
Kardashian Kulture : how celebrities changed life in the 21st century / Cashmore, Ellis author. eBook online
Korean stories for language learners : [traditional folktales in Korean and English] / Damron, Julie. eBook online
Legacy : trauma, story and Indigenous healing / Methot, Suzanne, author. eBook online
Love, Inc. : dating apps, the big white wedding, and chasing the happily neverafter / Essig, Laurie author. eBook online
Madness in civilization : a cultural history of insanity from the Bible to Freud, from the madhouse to modern medicine / Scull, Andrew, 1946- author. eBook online
Manufacturing happy citizens : how the science and industry of happiness control our lives / Cabanas, Edgar author. eBook online
Mastering adulthood : go beyond adulting to become an emotional grown-up / Fielding, Lara E. author. eBook online
Media and mass atrocity : the Rwanda genocide and beyond /   eBook online
Men, masculinity, and the Indian Act / Cannon, Martin J. author. eBook online
Misogyny : the new activism / Ukockis, Gail L., 1962- author. eBook online
Miyazakiworld : a life in art / Napier, Susan Jolliffe author. eBook online
Moccasin Square Gardens : short stories / Van Camp, Richard author. eBook online
Multiculturalism in Canada : constructing a model multiculture with multicultural values / Forbes, H. D. (Hugh Donald) eBook online
Narwhal : unicorn of the sea / Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator. eBook online
Outward and upward mobilities : international students in Canada, their families, and structuring institutions / KIM, ANN H eBook online
Paris noir : African Americans in the city of light /   streaming video online
Pay it forward /   streaming video online
Post-truth / McIntyre, Lee C. author. eBook online
Religion and ethnicity in Canada /   eBook online
Routledge handbook of celebrity studies /   eBook online
Sexual harassment online : shaming and silencing women in the digital age / Levey, Tania G. author. eBook online
Silent but deadly / Peirce, Lincoln author. eBook online
Smoke signals /   streaming video online
Strange trips : science, culture, and the regulation of drugs / Richert, Lucas, 1979- author. eBook online
Strangers in blood fur trade company families in Indian country. Brown, Jennifer S. H., 1940- eBook online
Superbugs : an arms race against bacteria / Hall, William (Author of Superbugs) author. eBook online
Sustainable /   streaming video online
Technology and the growth of civilization Genta, G. (Giancarlo) eBook online
Teenage Paparazzo   streaming video online
Teenage Paparazzo   streaming video online
The 500 years of resistance comic book / Hill, Gord, 1968- eBook online
The Breadwinner (v.f.) /   streaming video online
The Cambridge Companion to Autobiography /   eBook online
The Cambridge introduction to satire / Greenberg, Jonathan Daniel, 1968- author. eBook online
The age of addiction : how bad habits became big business / Courtwright, David T., 1952- author. eBook online
The allure of sports in Western Culture /   eBook online
The case for universal basic income / Haagh, Louise, 1967- author. eBook online
The climate question : natural cycles, human impact, future outlook / Rohling, Eelco J. author. eBook online
The costs of connection : how data is colonizing human life and appropriating it for capitalism / Couldry, Nick author. eBook online
The creator's game : lacrosse, identity, and indigenous nationhood / Downey, Alan author. eBook online
The criminalization of migration : context and consequences /   eBook online
The dark fantastic : race and the imagination from Harry Potter to the hunger games / Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth, 1977- author. eBook online
The devil wears Prada   streaming video online
The drama of celebrity / Marcus, Sharon, 1966- author. eBook online
The economics of arms / Hartley, Keith author. eBook online
The economics of happiness how the Easterlin Paradox transformed our understanding of well-being and progress /   eBook online
The future is Asian : commerce, conflict, and culture in the 21st century / Khanna, Parag author. eBook online
The happiness problem : expecting better in an uncertain world / Wren-Lewis, Sam author. eBook online
The madness of crowds : gender, race and identity / Murray, Douglas, 1979- author. eBook online
The millennial mosaic : how pluralism and choice are shaping Canadian youth and the future of Canada / Bibby, Reginald Wayne, 1943- author. eBook online
The mindful self-compassion workbook : a proven way to accept yourself, build inner strength, and thrive / Neff, Kristin author. eBook online
The mindful way workbook : an 8-week program to free yourself from depression and emotional distress / Teasdale, John D. eBook online
The procrastination economy : the big business of downtime / Tussey, Ethan author. eBook online
The religions of Canadians   eBook online
The rights of nature : a legal revolution that could save the world / Boyd, David R. 1964- author. (David Richard), eBook online
The rise of the alt-right / Main, Thomas James, 1955- author. eBook online
The rise of the sharing economy : exploring the challenges and opportunities of collaborative consumption /   eBook online
The self-compassion workbook for teens : mindfulness & compassion skills to overcome self-criticism & embrace who you are / Bluth, Karen author. eBook online
The sleeping giant awakens : genocide, Indian residential schools, and the challenge of conciliation / MacDonald, David Bruce author. eBook online
The sport & prey of capitalists : how the rich are stealing Canada's public wealth / McQuaig, Linda, 1951- author. eBook online
The vaccine debate / Davidson, Tish author. eBook online
Understanding celebrity / Turner, Graeme, author. eBook online
Universal life : an inside look behind the race to discover life beyond earth / Boss, Alan, 1951- author. eBook online
Vanishing ice : glaciers, ice sheets, and rising seas / Gornitz, Vivien author. eBook online
War horse / Morpurgo, Michael. eBook online
Water under fire.   streaming video online
Water under fire. a coast to coast investigation of Canada's freshwater hosted by Bob MacDonald /   streaming video online
Water under fire. a coast to coast investigation of Canada's freshwater hosted by Bob MacDonald /   streaming video online
What does it all mean? : a very short introduction to philosophy / Nagel, Thomas, 1937- eBook online
White privilege / Sullivan, Shannon, 1967- author. eBook online
Who controls the hunt? : First Nations, treaty rights, and wildlife conservation in Ontario, 1783-1939 / Calverley, David, 1969- author. eBook online
Who should own natural resources? / Moore, Margaret (Professor in Political Theory) author. eBook online
Wish I were here : boredom and the interface / Kingwell, Mark, 1963- author. eBook online
Witness, I am / Scofield, Gregory, 1966- author. eBook online
Women without men : a novel of modern Iran / P�ars�i�p�ur, Shahrn�ush. eBook online
Yellow wallpaper /   streaming video online
i-Minds : how and why constant connectivity is rewiring our brains and what to do about it / Swingle, Mari K. author. eBook online