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New Titles: Community Services

New Items at Seneca Libraries

Added to collection between April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022


Please note that this list only includes eBooks and Streaming Videos. Print items are not displayed because campus libraries are currently closed.
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Community Services

Title Author Material Location
"Where are you from?" : growing up African-Canadian in Vancouver /
Creese, Gillian Laura, 1955- author. eBook online
A lifetime of laughing and loving with autism : new and revised stories that will warm and inspire you /
Gilpin, R. Wayne. eBook online
A reconciliation without recollection? : an investigation of the foundations of Aboriginal law in Canada /
Nichols, Joshua, 1978- author. eBook online
A treatment manual for justice involved persons with mental illness : changing lives and changing outcomes /
Morgan, Robert D. author. eBook online
Canadian law and indigenous self-determination : a naturalist analysis /
Christie, Gordon (LL. B.) author. eBook online
Integrative body-mind-spirit social work : an empirically based approach to assessment and treatment /
Lee, Mo Yee author. eBook online
Introduction to addiction : addiction, animal models, and theories.
Koob, George F. author. eBook online
Law's indigenous ethics /
Borrows, John, 1963- author. eBook online
Mental health and pain : somatic and psychiatric components of pain in mental health /
eBook online
Might nature be Canadian? : essays on mutual accommodation /
Macdonald, William A. author. (William Atwood) eBook online
No greatness without goodness : how a father's love changed a company and sparked a movement /
Lewis, Randy. eBook online
Not good enough for Canada : Canadian public discourse around issues of inadmissibility for potential immigrants with diseases and/or disabilities, 1902-2002 /
Capurri, Valentina, 1976- author. eBook online
Of mice and aliens : an Asperger adventure /
Hoopmann, Kathy, 1963- eBook online
Portraits of professional caregivers : their passion their pain.
streaming video
Practice placement in social work : innovative approaches for effective teaching and learning /
Province building and the federalization of immigration in Canada /
Paquet, Mireille author. eBook online
Psychosocial issues in palliative care : a community based approach for life limiting illness /
eBook online
Punished for aging : vulnerability, rights, and access to justice in Canadian penitentiaries /
Iftene, Adelina, 1987- author. eBook online
Queer social work : cases for LGBTQ+ affirmative practice /
Recent advances in cannabinoid physiology and pathology /
eBook online
Relationship-based social work : getting to the heart of practice /
eBook online
Soci@l media in social work practice /
Westwood, Joanne author. eBook online
Social work practice with families : a resiliency-based approach /
Van Hook, Mary author. eBook online
Social work, cats and rocket science : stories of making a difference in social work with adults /
James, Elaine. eBook online
Stress : concepts, cognition, emotion, and behavior /
eBook online
The internet trap : five costs of living online /
Mukherjee, Ashesh author. eBook online
The secrets in their eyes : transforming the lives of people with cognitive, emotional, learning or movement disorders or autism by changing the visual software of the brain /
Kaplan, Melvin, 1929- author. eBook online
There's a boy in here /
Barron, Judy. eBook online
Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder : global perspectives from the WHO world mental health surveys /
eBook online
Unraveling the mystery of autism and pervasive developmental disorder : a mother's story of research and recovery /
Seroussi, Karyn, 1965- author. eBook online
When strangers re-unite
streaming video
Whole person librarianship : a social work approach to patron services /
Zettervall, Sara K. author. eBook online
Writing analytical assessments in social work /
Dyke, Chris author. eBook online