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New Titles: Arts & Science

New Items at Seneca Libraries

Added to collection between April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022


Please note that this list only includes eBooks and Streaming Videos. Print items are not displayed because campus libraries are currently closed.
Please contact your liaison librarians for more information about collections for your academic area.

Arts & Science

Title Author Material Location
Africa in the age of globalisation : perceptions, misperceptions and realities /
eBook online
Anxiety and the equation : understanding Boltzmann's Entropy /
Johnson, Eric (Associate professor of chemistry), author. eBook online
Approaching Hegel's logic, obliquely : Melville, Moliere, Beckett /
Nuzzo, Angelica, 1964- author. eBook online
Black metaphors : how modern racism emerged from medieval race-thinking /
Whitaker, Cord J. author. eBook online
Change and continuity : Canadian political economy in the new millennium /
eBook online
Cultural backlash : Trump, Brexit, and the rise of authoritarian populism /
Norris, Pippa author. eBook online
Domina : the women who made imperial Rome /
De la Bédoyère, Guy author. eBook online
Emancipation after Hegel : achieving a contradictory revolution /
McGowan, Todd author. eBook online
Good enough : the tolerance for mediocrity in nature and society /
Milo, Daniel S. author. (Daniel Shabetaï) eBook online
Heidegger and the problem of consciousness /
Holland, Nancy J. author. (Nancy Jean) eBook online
Islamophobia : History, Context and Deconstruction /
Iqbal, Zafar author. (M. Zafar) eBook online
Kant's transcendental deduction : an analytical-historical commentary /
Allison, Henry E. author. eBook online
Landscapes, Sources and Intellectual Projects of the West African Past : essays in honour of Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias /
eBook online
Marie-Antoinette /
Hardman, John, 1944- author. eBook online
Medieval elite women and the exercise of power, 1100--1400 : moving beyond the exceptionalist debate /
eBook online
Modelling evolution : a new dynamic account /
Earnshaw, Eugene author. eBook online
Online othering : exploring digital violence and discrimination on the Web /
eBook online
Pantheon : a new history of Roman religion /
Rüpke, Jörg author. eBook online
Performing indigeneity : spectacles of culture and identity in coloniality /
Ndlovu, Morgan author. eBook online
Protecting multiculturalism : Muslims, security, and integration in Canada /
McCoy, John S., 1976- author. eBook online
Soldier, priest, and god : a life of Alexander the Great /
Naiden, F. S. author. eBook online