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New Titles: Accounting & Financial Services

New Items at Seneca Libraries

Added to collection between April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022


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Accounting & Financial Services

Title Author Material Location
Accounting ethics /
Duska, Ronald F., 1937- author. eBook online
An overview of the public relations function /
Bowen, Shannon A. author. eBook online
Banking on change : the development and future of financial services /
eBook online
Blockchain : the insights you need from Harvard Business Review.
eBook online
Blockchain for dummies /
Laurence, Tiana author. eBook online
Boombustology : spotting financial bubbles before they burst /
Mansharamani, Vikram author. eBook online
Bribery, fraud, cheating how to explain and to avoid organizational wrongdoing /
eBook online
Business analytics : a data-driven decision-making approach for business.
Sahay, Amar author. eBook online
Canadian public-sector financial management /
Graham, Andrew author. (Andrew Bryan) eBook online
Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements : Not-For-Profit Entities.
AICPA eBook online
Convenience triangle in white-collar crime : case studies of fraud examinations /
Gottschalk, Petter, 1950- author. eBook online
Cryptocurrency investing /
Danial, Kiana author. eBook online
Cryptocurrency mining /
Kent, Peter, 1957- author. eBook online
Data Privacy and GDPR Handbook.
Sharma, Sanjay. eBook online
Data mining for business analytics : concepts, techniques and applications in python.
Shmueli, Galit, 1971- eBook online
Day trading /
Logue, Ann C. author. eBook online
Derivatives : theory and practice /
Cuthbertson, Keith author. eBook online
Detecting accounting fraud before it's too late /
Amat, Oriol author. eBook online
Discrete data analysis with R : visualization and modeling techniques for categorical and count data /
Friendly, Michael. eBook online
Effective data storytelling : how to drive change with data, narrative, and visuals /
Dykes, Brent author. eBook online
Fakes, forgeries, and frauds /
Finch, Nancy Moses author. eBook online
Finance and security : global vulnerabilities, threats and responses /
Navias, Martin S. author. eBook online
Fintech : the new DNA of financial services /
Gupta, Pranay, 1966- author. eBook online
Fintech in a flash : financial technology made easy /
Rubini, Agustín author. eBook online
Globalizing capital : a history of the international monetary system /
Eichengreen, Barry J. author. eBook online
Holding accountants accountable : how professional standards can lead to personal liability /
Matthews, Jeffrey G., 1973- author. eBook online
How good policies and business ethics enhance good quality of life : the selected works of Alex C. Michalos /
Michalos, Alex C. author. eBook online
Introduction to business analytics /
Nabavi, Majid author. eBook online
Introduction to information visualization : transforming data into meaningful information /
Benoit, Gerald author. eBook online
Making money : the history and future of society's most important technology /
Van Biljon, Peet author. eBook online
Preparing your income tax returns
eBook online
QuickBooks 2020 for dummies /
Nelson, Stephen L., 1959- author. eBook online
Technical analysis for dummies /
Rockefeller, Barbara, 1946- author. eBook online
Technology-enhanced methods of money laundering : Internet as criminal means /
De Sanctis, Fausto Martin author. eBook online
The Power of Money How Ideas about Money Shaped the Modern World /
Pringle, Robert, 1939- eBook online
The convenience of white-collar crime in business
Gottschalk, Petter, 1950- eBook online
The decision maker's handbook to data science : a guide for non-technical executives, managers, and founders /
Kampakis, Stylianos, author eBook online
The future of finance : the impact of FinTech, AI, and crypto on financial services /
Arslanian, Henri author. eBook online
The handbook of white-collar crime /
Rorie, Melissa L., 1981- author. eBook online
The power of data storytelling /
Vora, Sejal author. eBook online
The psychology of financial consumer behavior /
Maison, Dominika author. eBook online
The real business of blockchain : how leaders can create value in a new digital age /
Furlonger, David, 1951- author. eBook online
The regtech book : the financial technology handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries in regulation /
eBook online
The value killers : how mergers and acquisitions cost companies billions - and how to prevent it /
Fernandes, Nuno author. eBook online
Wiley GAAP 2019 : interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles /
Flood, Joanne M. author. eBook online
Wiley interpretation and application of IFRS standards 2019 /
Alibhai, Salim author. eBook online