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Introduction to Market Sizing Research

Information on sales channels

For information on where customers buy a product, market research reports often include information on sales channels or consumer purchasing preferences. Find a report on the relevant category or product, and look within that report for details on sales channels or buying behaviour.

To determine an accurate picture of where consumers purchase a product, information from various sources may need to be combined. 

For example, let's look at where consumers buy mobile phones. These could be sold at various types of retailers, both online and offline. Remember to consider the various places/channels consumers might purchase the product. 

Where do customers purchase a product?

Databases with industry/market information will often include information on where a product is sold, or where consumers purchase a product. Try searching for various keywords - especially if there are a few different words that could describe what you're looking for. 

The databases listed below all contain information on consumers - and, each database will have a different scope! So, if you try searching in one database and don't find many results, try another database - a different database may have more coverage of that industry category.

Where are products sold?

For many consumer products, the Passport GMID database provides a table of channel distribution for a specific market category, including details on online and offline channels, and types of retailers.

For example, click through the module below to learn how to find channel distribution for mobile phones in Canada, using the Passport GMID database. A similar search strategy would work for any of the other categories covered by Passport GMID - follow these steps to find information on the category you're interested in.



1. Start at the Passport GMID homepage

Step 1 image

2. Scroll down to find the Country Reports: Datagraphics search tile

Step 2 image

3. Click Choose industry

Step 3 image

4. Choose an industry. Click Consumer Electronics

Step 4 image

5. Next, choose a category. Scroll down and click Mobile Phones

Step 5 image

6. Choose the geography of interest. Scroll down and click Canada

Step 6 image

7. Click Go

Step 7 image

8. Scroll down to the Distribution section. That's it. You're done.

Step 8 image

Here's an interactive tutorial


Using Passport GMID, like above, we'll find that 60.7% smart phones are sold through online retailers, and 36.5% are sold through electronic specialist retailers. We may want to focus on one or both of these types of retail outlets. While examining the channel distributions in Passport GMID, also explore the Analysis page for any further insight to your industry.

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