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Library & Information Technician: Build Websites and Infographics

Digital Project Skills

Get creative with your assignments by producing a website or infographic! This page includes great tools to help you present data and information in an interactive and appealing way, whether it be for your assignments, work presentations, promotional materials for your library, or learning objects for patrons. Try out these resources to practice with new platforms and develop your design skills!

Create infographics

An infographic is data visualization that tells a story. They are all around us, from subway maps to street signs. The best infographics combine visual and textual components with knowledge and a perspective.

There are lots of free or easily accessible tools that can be used to create infographics, such as:

Seneca Sandbox

What is an infographic?

Infographic Tutorials from LinkedIn Learning

Log in with your Seneca username and password to view courses as well as individual videos about the fundamentals and how-tos of infographics and data visualization. Connect it to your LinkedIn profile to show off you new skills!

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Create websites

Design a website:

Create an app:

Write a "Build Your Own Adventure" story online:

Build a registration form or survey:

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