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Library & Information Technician: Create Videos

Video Project Skills

Get creative with your assignments by producing video content while learning new platforms and tools to diversify your skills! As a Library Technician, there are many opportunities to create instructional materials for your clientele or colleagues. Try out these resources for your video projects.

Steps to creating animated videos (1:40)

Filming live action (3:19)

Create videos

There are many different types of video footage - live action, screencasting, animation, images with narration, etc. Creating a video doesn't have to be difficult. You will need some basic equipment and free software to create your video:

  • Tripod, video camera
  • Lights, lapel mic (optional)
  • Screencasting software (optional) such as Loom (free for Seneca students) are great for instructional videos
  • Editing software such as Adobe Spark or Adobe Rush (free for Seneca students) or iMovie (comes with Mac computers)

or you can even create a full video in PowerPoint alone! All you will need is Powerpoint and a headset with a microphone.

Create animated videos

There are many free animation tools you can use to create a short animated video. More and more tools are popping up. The important thing to do before creating an animated video is to create a script or storyboard so you are as organized and concise as possible.

Some free tools include:

Seneca Sandbox

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