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Library Research for Students

This guide is for Seneca students completing a research assignment.

What Type of Information Am I Looking For? Where Will I Find It?

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Grey Literature

Not all of the information that you need will be found in academic journals. Sometimes you will need to find other document such as professional guidelines or government reports. These types of documents are part of a group of literature called "grey literature". Grey literature can be found on various websites, including on the website of professional associations and organizations and research institutes.

Note: The below video discusses grey literature and gives examples from a health perspective. However, grey literature exists in all disciplines, not just health-related.

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What Type of Article Do I Need?

There are many resource types that you can pull from when you are doing secondary research.

While you may find many resources types that are related to your topic, the characteristics of each will be different, from format to level of specificity.