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Library Packages for Learn@Seneca (Blackboard): Troubleshooting Tips

Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) Help Guides

Reviewed the guides above and troubleshooting tips below and still need help? Check out the pages below.
If you can't find your answer email contact Blackboard support with a screenshot and explanation of your issue.


Issues Importing a Package:

Your Mac is opening the zip file

If your Mac is opening the zip file instead of letting you import it properly it could be tthat Mac Safari browser’s default setting automatically unzips downloaded files. It can be turned off by opening Safari’s Preferences > General tab > Uncheck “Open safe files after downloading”. Alternatively, you could use Firefox or Chrome. 

You need to import an updated library package

If you did a course copy or for another reason have an outdated library package in your course, simply delete the item from your course menu and go to the library packages page to import the updated package.

To delete:

shows an arrow beside the course item and then the delete option

You get an error message in your email after importing

Sometimes the email you get from Blackboard will say that the import "failed."

Double check that everything is visible to you and that the column in Grade Centre Appears. If all looks well, then just ignore the email.

You can't select the zipped folder when importing

Your computer may have automatically unzipped the folder when you downloaded it (sometimes computers are set to do this). So you will just have to re-zip the folder before you can import it.

Here are some instructions for zipping a folder

Issues with a Quiz:

Your students say they took the quiz but it doesn't appear in Grade Centre

Make sure that you check that all the Grade Centre columns are displayed (as opposed to hidden).

To do this:

  1. Go to Grade Centre
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click View Column Organization
  4. Check to see if the quiz column is hidden
  5. If it is hidden, select it, click Show/Hide, then Show Select Columns

Your student needs to re-take the quiz

You can clear your students' quiz attempt by doing the following:

  1. In Grade Centre, find their place in the quiz column, and hover over it
  2. Click on the arrow and select View Grade Details
  3. Click Clear Attempt

Note: you can set the quiz options to allow for multiple quiz attempts to avoid this issue in future.

Your student can't re-take a quiz

If you set the quiz options to allow for multiple attempts, students should be able to re-take the quiz by doing the following:

  1. Click on the quiz
  2. Click Take the test again

Bb screenshot with the words "take the test again" circled

The total marks are incorrect in Grade Centre

There is a bug in Grade Centre that will sometimes show total points available for the quiz as much higher than it's supposed to be. For example 115 points for a quiz that should only be 25.

To fix this:

  1. In grade centre click on the drop down arrow beside the quiz and select "edit column information".
  2. Scroll down to "Points Possible" and check the box "manually override the calculated total"
  3. Enter the actual total and save

Issues with Viewing the Content:

You want to refresh the page

Just click on the little circular arrow to refresh the menu:

course menu icons with refresh icon highlighted

You want to see what your students see

To see what your students will see in your course,, just turn the edit mode to OFF. You can always switch it back ON after.

shows the edit icons with "edit mode is ON" circled

You can't see the video or embedded webpage in the tutorial

If some of the content isn't loading, it could be because your browser is blocking it.

See this page for how to allow the content.