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Leganto Overview for Faculty at Seneca: Import Citations

Importing Items into Leganto:

If you have an existing list of citations you may be able to import them directly into a Leganto list. Note: Citations that are exported from Leganto (*.lgn file format) can of course be imported back into Leganto. 

Citations that are Saved in Library Search ("Favourites" in Primo)

If you have saved any records* in your library search account (Primo) you do not have to use import: All your saved items will automatically be synched to your Leganto's Collection list (including tags).

To access the saved records in Leganto, click on the "Collection" button.  Please note that any additions and deletions will be synchronized with your Saved Records in Library Search (Primo).  Primo saved searches and history are not synched.

Leganto Collection

*To see what records you have saved in your library search account, either click on "My Library Account" from the library homepage or "Sign In" on the library search, then select "Saved items" Primo saved Items button or the pin icon to view your saved records (default tab).

Citations that are in RIS or BibTex Format

You can import a RIS or BibTex file either as a Leganto list or section.

To import your citations as a new list, click on "New List", then "Import"

Leganto List Import screen

Then select either RIS or BibTex from the drop-down list

Leganto RIS importLeganto BibText Import Screen

To import your citations as a new section, select the appropriate list and section, then click on "..." and "Import"

Leganto - import into section

Citations in PDF Articles

Articles in PDF format that have a References (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) citation, Leganto may be able import the citations. Please use the "References" drop-down option, and doublecheck the imported items afterwards to make sure that the citation information has been imported correctly.


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