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Leganto Overview for Faculty at Seneca: End of Semester (Reuse List)

What if I want to reuse an existing list in the next semester?

You or the library will roll over* your current semester's list(s). Following this process ensures that

  1. a new version (copy) is created, and
  2. anyone accessing the old list through your course tool link will be redirected to the new list, and
  3. student usage statistics will be reset for the new semester.

Send a request to or your liaison librarian with your course code and section.

Important! After the current semester ends the library will attempt to automatically roll over any previously used course lists by an instructor assigned to teach the same course for the upcoming semester. If you have such a list you will receive an email notification letting you know that your course list has been rolled over and associated with the new semester's course.


If you would like to roll over your own list into the next semester:

Select the "Reuse list for the next semester" action to complete the process, or contact your liaison librarian or email if you would like assistence.

Leganto ReUse List menu item for instructors

Did you know? There is no need to recreate the link in your BB course. Leganto and Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) use LTI to dynamically link from a course to a list. If you are using course copy in Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) to populate your new semester course shell, your course tool links (type "Resource List"  = Leganto) will continue to work in the new course - as long as the list is associated with the new course(s) within Leganto. This task an be done by you or your liaison librarian! 

What if I am not using my list for the next semester? 

No problem! You or the library can unpublish the list (so that it is not visible to any students) and it will remain unchanged until you decide what to do with it.  

In the future, we are looking to develop a process to remove lists that have been inactive for more than (TBD) years, similar to the Learn@Seneca BB course removal process.

Will this affect any new Leganto lists that I am creating for future semesters? 


*More Information about List Roll Overs 

Rolling over a list ensures that your list is ready for the new semester by resetting any student-related usage data.  You will also keep an old copy of the list in case you want to look at previous semester's usage data and have a snapshot of the previous semester's list. Specifically:

  1. Leganto will create a new copy of the current list with the title:  
    “Course Code – Course Name (new semester)” 

  2. The new list will keep all the current items, tags and notes. 

  3. Usage data such as list analytics and student discussions will be reset. 

  4. Permalinks will be redirected once the new list is published. 

  5. The old copy will be renamed to “Course Code – Course Name (old semester)” and unpublished.  
    Any list collaborators will see the following notice on the old list linking to the new list: 

  6. You will receive an email from Leganto informing you that your list has been rolled over. 

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