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Leganto Overview for Faculty at Seneca: Embed an Item

We recommend using the embed function for the following conditions:
- You are uploading a file to Leganto that is an image or text;
- You are linking to free online content that does not require the user to log in;
- You are not using Firefox.
Always test your embedded item using the View List as Student function before making it available in your resource list.

NEW! As of January 2022, PDFs are no longer embedded in the list. Instead, clicking on them will open the PDF file in a new browser tab.

Embeddable File Formats

The following type of files can be embedded directly into a Leganto list. Each format is embedded using an iframe.

  • png
  • jpg/jpeg
  • img
  • gif
  • txt

Important! Do not upload audio or video files - use a streaming platform instead (MS Teams, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.) and add a link to the streaming video from your list.

Option 1: Embed an Uploaded File

On the list, click on the item's title to open the item view. From the item view, click on the action button (...) to see the available options. You can choose between embedding with a download link or embedding and no download link.

Here is an example of an uploaded PNG file that is embedded and downloadable by the students:

embedded PNG file that can be downloaded

If the file format is not valid for embedding, the option to embed will be greyed out:

uploaded file (Word format) cannot be embedded

Option 2: Embed an Electronic Item (Link)

Important! The embedding functionality is generally available for links, however, we do not recommend embedding links to content that require Seneca authentication - an embedded login screen will not automatically redirect to the actual content once logged in. Also, vendor content may be technically incompatible with or restricted from embedding.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.