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Leganto Overview for Faculty at Seneca: Add a Leganto List to Learn@Seneca (Blackboard)

There are two options for adding a Leganto list to your course in Learn@Seneca (Blackboard):

Note! Before you add a Leganto list to Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) one must be built for your course and associated to your course code. 

oneAdd the Leganto Resource List feature to your course main menu. This is the option that the library recommends.

OR twoAdd the Leganto Resource List feature to your Course Documents menu item.

Instructions for option 1:

Instructions for options 1 and 2 are below in PDF format:

How do I preview the list in my Learn@Seneca (BlackBoard) course?
Note that you cannot use BlackBoard's student preview option to check the Leganto list - Blackboard's student view mode changes the ID that is passed through LTI and as a result is not recognized by Leganto as a valid student.

To check how students will see the list, use Leganto's "View list as a student" (see the screenshot under "What Do Students See?" on the top right side of this page).
Student preview warning messagein BlackBoard when viewing a Leganto list

What Do Students See?

You can test what students will see by clicking the three dots beside Edit in your list, and selecting View list as a student:

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