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The STRIVE Program

Would you be interested in improving your learning strategies and life skills if you knew it would help you achieve your academic, career and life goals?

To help you tap your full potential, we worked in collaboration with Student Life, Career Development, and Counselling and Accessibility to pull together all of our expertise, and created the STRIVE program just for you. Why not start here?

Attend a Workshop

The STRIVE program consists of eight standalone workshops. Some of our workshops are prerecorded and available online to watch at your convenience. Others are scheduled into our workshop calendar. See the descriptions and links below. You can take them in any order that works best for you.

In this workshop, you will identify your personal strengths, talents and learning styles. We will then work together to understand how you can apply these to more easily reach your academic goals.

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Ever hear it takes 21 days to start a new habit? Watch this prerecorded workshop to learn how you can create positive new habits, or even how to break a bad one. Then learn how to apply what you now know to better manage your time so that you can get it all done.

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We all have days when we just want to give up. This prerecorded workshop explores the psychology of ‘grit’ and can help you create a personal model of resilience so that you overcome those obstacles and stressors, maybe difficult content or an overwhelming timetable, that you feel are preventing you from getting to your own finish line.

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What does being thankful have to do with better marks? In this workshop you will discover the importance and application of optimism and gratitude in the practice of effective studying and confident test taking.

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Ever gotten so lost in doing something that you lost track of the time? That’s called being ‘in the flow’ and it is a studied and real psychological phenomena. Discover more about it in this prerecorded workshop. We will tie together the idea of flow with removing resistance you may be experiencing to learning. Lastly, we will share strategies to improve study habits in ways that will be sure to contribute to your overall health and well-being.

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Have an idea about what you would like to do but aren’t sure how to get there? In this workshop, you will affirm your chosen career path by identifying 2-3 jobs you would like to target and research further. We will then help you develop a plan so that you can reach your own unique career goals.

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With the push to online classes, we are in front of our computer screens more than ever. That can lead to online learning fatigue. In this workshop, we will review essential memory and focus strategies to help you overcome some of the challenges of learning online.

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In this webinar you will explore optimism in mindset to boost academic productivity, improving mental health and well-being for increased quality of life.

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1:1 Academic Coaching

Do you think you could benefit from some personalized coaching as you work through the STRIVE program or view our STRIVE+ content? Book an appointment today through our booking system linked below. Select 'Strive: Learning and Life Skills Coaching' from the Study and Learning Skills Coaching service tab.



Got three minutes to spare? Why not brush up on a study habit or introduce yourself to a new life skill? Visit our STRIVE+ content and see what captures you.