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SLG Offerings

Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) are peer-facilitated study sessions targeting a number of challenging courses to help students master more difficult program material.

The Learning Centre offers SLGs to students online through BlackBoard. These will appear on your schedule if we are offering SLGs in your program this semester.

Students can go to BlackBoard and look for the following SLG links for the Fall 2020 semester:

ACC106: Accounting I ACC106NAZ.09244.2207
ACC120: Accounting Basics I ACC102NAZ.09243.2207
IPC144: Introduction to Programming Using C IPC144NFL.09096.2207
ULI101: Introduction to UNIX/Linux and the Internet ULI101NAL.09095.2207
MBF101: Mathematics of Business and Finance MBF101NAZ.09241.2207
MBF100: Mathematics of Business and Finance MBF100NAZ.09240.2207