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Google Research for Students

When searching for images for your assignments, search for images that you are allowed to reuse:

►Complete your Google search, click Images, then Tools, and select Usage Rights for Creative Commons licenses.

Then you can filter your search by size, colour or image type or you can add more specific keywords:

►Red arrow: You can select size, color, or type to change your results

►Green circle: You can add a keyword to your search to make your image search more specific

Citing Images

When you find an image you are allowed to use, ask yourself:

?Am I citing this image in a traditional research paper, or is this a digital assignment such as a presentation?

?Is there a specific way the website is telling me to give credit, such as the image creator's name and URL?

??What is the URL of this image? It's not just!

►For more on citing images see:

How to cite images in APA style

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