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Fashion: Images & Colour

Can I Use This Image?

If you include an image in your assignment, you are creating a "mash-up."

Conditions for creating a mash-up, according to Canadian copyright laws:

  • The copyrighted material is a legitimate copy (e.g. you didn’t use a pirated/illegal copy of the item)
  • You didn’t acquire the legitimate material through a contract that prevents using the item in a mashup (e.g. iTunes, iStock Photo)
  • You do not have to break a digital lock to use the material (e.g. you can’t rip a DVD or CD that has encoding that prevents copying)
  • The material is cited
  • Your video is not for promotional or commercial purposes
  • The material is used to create a transformative work – this new law is meant to encourage creativity and content creation
  • The use of the material in your video will not impact the market for the material (e.g. you’ve used an entire Lady Gaga album in your video which means people can now download the album for free)

Read more from our Copyright for Seneca College Students site.

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