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English Language Learners - Resources: Research

Find Books, Videos & Articles at Seneca Libraries

What are Library Databases?

Databases are organized collections of information. You may not realize it, but you already use databases in your daily life like Netflix, Spotify and your cell phone's contacts list. 

Library databases are online collections of useful and quality information for your research assignment or project. You'll most likely find articles in library databases, but they can also have eBooks, audiobooks and online videos.

On this page, you'll find lists of useful library databases to start your research.

Learn More about a Topic

Use these library tools to learn more about your research topic.

Watch Videos on a Topic

Use these online video databases to find information on your topic.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Use these databases to read articles from magazines and newspapers.


Tip: Use the Listen Feature in the databases

Many databases allow you to hear the articles read

Screencapture of the audio feature of a database.


Why do you need to evaluate websites?

  • The quality of information on websites varies greatly
  • Anyone can create and publish a website
  • Most websites don't have editors or fact checkers
  • You need reliable sources for your assignments
More criteria for evaluating websites
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