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Database Content Not Covered by Library Search: Home


Not all of Seneca Libraries’ databases and their content are discoverable using the search box on the Seneca Libraries homepage (

The breadth of the discovery layer underpinning our library search box, Primo, depends on the relationship its vendor, Ex Libris, does or does not have with third-party database content providers to make content available. For those vendors whose content is not directly Primo-indexed, it also depends, alternatively, on: the availability of MARC records we may be able to get from those vendors ourselves; or records that are available through the Alma Community Zone (Alma being the back-end to Primo’s user-facing front-end) and to which we may link; or content that may be accessed through the system’s link resolver.

The following is a list of the databases for which none of the above applies: databases whose content will likely only be discoverable by searching them in their native database interface. The links to use for this are below, or they are also indicated by the absence of the  icon next to them on and its subpages.

Databases not Covered by Library Search (Primo)

(This list was last updated on 21 October 2021)

A note about EBSCO databases

Though many of the EBSCO databases are not included in the above list, giving the impression that they are fully discoverable in Primo, that is in fact not the case. You will discover content from EBSCO databases in Primo, including direct references to the names of EBSCO databases in your search results. However, they are only discoverable through link resolving, not direct indexing of that content by Ex Libris in their Primo Central Index (PCI). There is no claim by Ex Libris that all of the EBSCO content will be discoverable. By activating alternate sources in the PCI that contain much of the same content found in EBSCO products, we are turning on an index to that content which in turn makes it discoverable through link resolution (i.e. what you see under “View It”).

For more information regarding this and the PCI in general, please click here and refer to the “Alternative Coverage” document on how EBSCO and other non-PCI databases’ content is handled.