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Country Information: Statistics

Statistical Databases


Where do I find the unemployment rate of a country?

Try exploring the statistical agency website for a country of interest, or explore data available through international organizations.

For example, the OECD provides data on many countries for a variety of economic, financial, environmental, and other factors, including Unemployment Rates.

The International Monetary Fund also provides data on Prices, Production, and Labour. Start at the IMF Data page, select International Financial Statistics, then select 'Data Tables' and select the indicator and country of interest.


Where do I find a country's GDP?

The World Trade Organization provides country profiles that cover key indicators on trade in goods and services for over 190 economies, highlighting the major exports and imports for each economy as well as their main trading partners: Trade Profiles.

The International Monetary Fund includes International Financial Statistics data, which includes GDP and components data. Start at the IMF Data website, select International Financial Statistics, then select 'Data Tables' and select the indicator and country of interest: IMF Data

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