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Company Information: Annual Reports

Company Websites

To locate a company's annual reports and other disclosures, or to find press releases or other information about a company, start at the company's website. Explore the website menus to see what information is available. Quarterly and annual reports are often found in sections called 'Corporate', 'Investors' or 'Investor Relations' - look for these, or similar, words on the company website.

Sources for Annual Reports & Company Filings

What is an annual report?

From the Oxford University Press Handbook of International Financial Terms:

Annual report

"The report on an incorporated company's affairs that must be sent to shareholders after the end of the financial year. Such reports include an audited statement of the company's affairs as well as reports from the management of the company. The preparation and publication of such documents is seen by most companies as an important way of communicating with their stakeholders and may include many sections not required by law."

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