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Citing Sources in Digital Assignments: Citing in Digital Assignments - Overview

Citing Sources in Digital Assignments: Overview

What is a digital assignment?

Digital assignments can be any assignment that you create that is not a research paper (e.g., essay, annotated bibliography, literature review or lab report).

Examples of digital assignments are creating websites, infographics, videos, and PowerPoint presentations.

Do I have to use APA and MLA to cite my sources in digital assignments?

The APA and MLA publication manuals contain guidelines for citing your sources in research essays, not digital assignments. Digital assignments don't require the use of standard APA and MLA format.

Unless your instructor specifically tells you that you must use formal APA or MLA citation style when citing sources in your digital assignments, then you may choose to cite your sources by following the Seneca Libraries recommendations.

Always confirm assignment expectations with your instructor first.

Legal Requirements (Copyright Law)

What am I legally required to cite in my digital assignment?

According to the Copyright Act (section 29.21(1)(b)), you must cite the sources that you used in your digital assignment by citing two things:

  1. the creator (if available), and
  2. where you found the item (e.g., the hyperlink to the source)

What kinds of images am I legally allowed to use in my digital assignment?

According to section 29.21 of the Copyright Act, you must make sure that any images you use in your assignments are allowed to be used.  

To be sure you are allowed to use an image, use this guide to find royalty free images.
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