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Chemical & Physical Properties: Tools for Finding Properties


Click on the links below to access Seneca Libraries' five tools for finding physical properties

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics logo

Knovel International Critical Tables logo

Knovel Critical Tables logo Merck Index logo

Smithsonian Critical Tables logo

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics


basic constants / units,
symbols, physical constants
of organic compounds
& properties of elements
& inorganics.

International Critical Tables


 thermodynamic &
mechanical  properties
of c
ompounds &
pure substances

Knovel Critical Tables


fully interactive &
searchable tables of
physical, solvent 
& thermodynamic

Merck Index


chemical, drug &
biological data with
monographs for single
substances & groups
of related compounds

Smithsonian Physical Tables


common physical &
chemical data, including
mathematical tables, physical
constants & common
units of measurement

The library tools listed above do not include every property for every substance. If you're not finding the specific data you need in one source, try searching for it in others 


Physical Properties Data Websites

If you can't find your substance in any of the library tools listed above, try the following websites, which feature powerful keyword search capabilities that allow for the matching of antiquated terms with modern accepted terms and registered numbers:

Periodic Table Websites

For atomic information about elements clipart of rock
(pure substances that cannot be broken
down), use a periodic table:

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