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Meeting Notes re. 2021-22 Kanopy Cost Reduction Initiative: Home

Notes re. 2021-22 Kanopy Cost Reduction Initiative


Team Members: Rosina (lead), Joy, Pam & Sharon 

May 19, 2021 Meeting

  • Rosina pulled all $150 + titles from Kanopy from 2015 onward
  • Strategy #1 would be excluding from Kanopy all titles that we already have permanently
  • Strategy #2 would be changing to a license for all high use Kanopy titles that we don't have permamently (high use would include number and recency of uses)
  • If we go with Strategy #2, should this be done my Technical Services staff or by selectors? If done by selectors, Sharon may be able to create a report that would include all the information needed to make an informed decision
  • Once we have come up with a solution, we should inform selectors at a PERT meeting