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Seneca Sandbox

Supporting Digital Media

Seneca Sandbox
Sandbox FAQs

The  Sandbox helps your students develop digital literacy competencies. We support a variety of digital assignment types by showing students how to use a range of digital tools for digital media creations. We instruct students to create and communicate effectively and responsibly using digital technologies.


What is  Digital Literacy?

The ability to locate, use, summarize, evaluate, create, and communicate information while using digital technologies and mobile platforms; and to engage safely and responsibly and ethically in online communities and networks.


Integrating Digital Media into your courses

► Designing Digital Assignments tutorial

► Sandbox Packages for Learn@Seneca (Blackboard)

Sandbox Webinars

Sandbox Modules

Digital Media Appointments

Seneca students and employees can register for any Sandbox webinar or access any of our resources. Our webinar schedule is found on our Sandbox webinar calendar and our pre-recorded webinars are always available. Please contact us if our webinar schedule conflicts with your course times.

Designing Digital Assignments

 Designing Digital Assignments (Faculty tutorial)

 Visit The Teaching & Learning Centre for more  Assessment resources.

Sandbox Packages

What are Sandbox Packages?

► Zip files that you can add to your Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) course


What's included in a Sandbox Package?

► Digital assignment tips and instructions

► Rubrics for assessing digital assignments

► Content areas that instruct and engage students through interactive modules

► Links to Sandbox webinars and Digital Media Appointments

► This short video provides a visual overview of the Sandbox package contents

Sandbox Packages: Creating Videos

Faculty Miniseries | Episode 07 | August 2021

How Do I Import a Sandbox Package?

For help importing a Sandbox package please contact
For Blackboard support, contact 

[last modified June 23, 2021]

By the end of the Creating Videos tutorial, students should be able to:

  • Describe the benefit of using video over static mediums
  • Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of Spark or PowerPoint as a video creation tool
  • Identify the process for defining and scripting your message
  • Connect design principles for colours, fonts, graphics, and slide layout
  • Plan when to use animations and select appropriate animations (PowerPoint only)
  • Describe the role of music for conveying emotion and tone in a video
  • Locate multimedia materials for your video that adhere to the Canada Copyright Act and vendor license terms
  • Locate best practices for citing resources in your video
  • Describe how to add narration to a video and avoid common audio issues
  • Summarize the steps for creating, editing and publishing the video
  • Identify how to share your video using a streaming video platform

What's included in this package?

[last modified August 24, 2021]

By the end of the Creating Infographics tutorial students should be able to:

  1. Define what is an infographic
  2. Describe the purpose and effectiveness of infographics
  3. Compare different types of infographics
  4. Identify the process for defining your message
  5. Recognize the importance of a visual plan when building an infographic
  6. Connect design principles for colours, fonts and graphics
  7. Locate appropriate Creative Commons materials
  8. Identify best practices for citing resources in an infographic
  9. Select an appropriate tool for creating infographics
  10. Create an infographic using PowerPoint and/or Canva

What's included in this package?


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