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Faculty Guide for FCET Instructors

Designing Research & Digital Assignments

Contact Your Librarians

Assignment Design Tutorials

Information Literacy in Your Assignments

Research assignment instructions should:

1. Encourage students to  consult with a librarian.
2. Direct students towards a variety of print, electronic, and multimedia sources.
3. Suggest specific databases or other library resources by name to students.
4. Discuss  what constitutes plagiarism as well as the consequences.
5. Review criteria for evaluating sources.
6. Define research.
7. Embed a subject guide in Blackboard or request one from your librarian. ( Library Packages | Subject Guides)
8. Break the research assignment into manageable parts.
9. Explain how research will be evaluated.
10. Promote critical thinking (Tip: collaborate with a librarian to design your research assignment).

(adapted from Temple University's Improving Student Research Guide)

Information Literacy at Seneca

Information Literacy is one of the ten core literacies at Seneca. If you are asking your students to do any kind of research for their assignments, then the learning outcomes should include the Information Literacy knowledge, skills or attitudes that you expect your students to demonstrate in their research.

What is Information Literacy?
authority conversation exploration inquiry process value

Information Literacy is a framework of six central concepts that encompasses:

  • reflective discovery of information
  • understanding of how information is produced and valued
  • the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning ( ACRL, 2016)

Faculty Guide

Information Literacy for Faculty

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