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ELI: Introduction to Seneca Libraries: Library Search

Library Search

The search box on the library homepage ("Library Search") is a good place to start if you need to find sources for your coursework. This searches most of the resources that the library has related to your research topic. When searching, it's best to use select keywords which describe the main concepts of your research topic. Check out the short introduction and activity to learn about Library Search and selecting your keywords.

The most common frustration with searching for sources is not getting "good" results. This can happen when you don't get any results, or the ones you get are not relevant to your topic. Ask yourself the following questions to understand how to improve your search strategy:

Am I using the right keywords? Sometimes if you change the words you're using you can find the articles you need.

Am I clear on what I'm looking for? This is the trickiest question in this list because it may mean going back to your assignment and understanding what exactly is being asked of you. It also means understanding what information is in different types of resources.

For example, if you're looking for an overview or general explanation of a topic, you would find a better answer in a book, encyclopedia, or website. Remember that scholarly articles are very specific and are often times detailing a particular research study.

Activity: Searching Your Topic in Library Search 

screensshot of library tutorial