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Introduction to Tourism Research

introduction to tourism research

This tutorial will take approximately 25 minutes to complete, and will cover sources for travel and tourism information available via Seneca Libraries. Learn how to:

  • Select relevant databases to find tourism information
  • Complete searches for articles and destination information using various databases
  • Create and format APA-style in-text citations and References lists

Scroll down to watch videos on tourism research and APA citation, review the search tips, and test your knowledge of tourism sources and APA citation.

Ready to start your research? Use the Tourism & Hospitality Subject Guide:

Introduction to Tourism Research

This video will cover:

  • Using Library Search to find articles
  • Navigating the travel42 database to build destination reports and itineraries
  • Finding country information using the CultureGrams database

Sign in using your MySeneca login credentials to view the video:

APA Citation

For information on creating APA style citations, refer to the Seneca Libraries APA Citation Guide.

Knowledge Check

Test your knowledge of tourism research sources and APA citation! Answer these five questions:

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Emily Funston Teaching Liaison for Seneca Business
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