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Information for Faculty: Sandbox


How we can help
  • Provide you and your students with the space and equipment needed to create fun and engaging digital content.
  • Lend support as you write or revise a digital assignment.
  • Reinforce your digital assignments with our workshops and online resources.
  • Embed one of our digital assignment packages directly into your course's MySeneca page.

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Contact us to chat or to book a studio

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Newnham Campus

Alana Otis x 33387

Ken Wu x 22759

Allison Ball x 26138

Seneca@York Campus

Julio Palacios x 22759
(on leave until May 2021) 

Alexandra Dimou x 33363

King Campus

Mohamad Tafish x 22629



Find tools and resources provided by the Sandbox to assist you and your students.

 Create or redevelop a digital assignment Get assistance with creating a digital assignment.

 Embed Sandbox Packages straight into your class Blackboard page Seneca Libraries has created packages with library and Sandbox resources for faculty to use in their MySeneca courses.

Design a Digital Assignment

We think of digital assignments as something that inherently strengthens digital literacies. What are digital literacies? This is a great definition from Media Smarts:

“Digital literacy is more than technological know-how: it includes a wide variety of ethical, social, and reflective practices that are embedded in work, learning, leisure, and daily life…Under the “digital literacy umbrella” are a wide range of interrelated skills that traditionally fall under media literacy, technology literacy, information literacy, visual literacy, communication literacy and social literacies.”

Keeping this in mind, digital assignments:

  • Are not usually text-based (blogs being an exception)
  • Rely (sometimes heavily) on a technology or technical skill
  • Often require the use of multimedia (e.g. images, audio, video, etc.)
  • Often involve a less formal/academic writing style (e.g. drafting a script or a tweet)

Some examples of digital assignments could include:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Pecha kuchas
  • Social media like Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn
  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Animated videos
  • Presentations using animated PowerPoints or Prezi

Digital Assignments at the Sandbox

Incorporating a digital assignment into your curriculum can seem like a daunting task when working with unfamiliar technology or digital skills. This is why we offer faculty the following support.

  • Consultation on redeveloping or creating a new digital assignment
  • Our collection of cartridges that can be embedded directly onto your course's MyLearning page. These cartridges may include quizzes, as well as links to tutorials and other resources
  • Face-to-face workshops delivered by a Sandbox staff member that will reinforce concepts, digital skills and digital literacies

Please feel free to contact the Sandbox with any requests or questions.

Digital Literacy extends much further than mastering a set of digital skills. Digital assignments provide the opportunity to explore concepts with your students that promote appropriate and responsible behaviour in regards online presence and use of technology. 

To learn more about:

  • Privacy
  • Digital footprint
  • Quality resources / Information literacy
  • Copyright in digital assignments
  • Citing in digital assignments

See what we have to say about Digital Citizenship on our Designing Digital Assignments website.

A Sandbox staff member will be glad to assist you in reinforcing your learning outcomes with digital resources.


We can assist you in:

  • Creating or redeveloping a digital assignment.
    Contact us for assistance in creating a digital assignment.
  • Providing workshop support that compliments your digital assignment.
  • Embedding one of our digital assignment cartridges directly into your course's MySeneca page.
  • Providing you with the space and equipment needed to make fun and engaging content.

SY Sandbox

Our Sandbox studios are located at the King, Newnham and Seneca@York campuses and offer a variety of resources and technologies needed to create digital content. Ranging from video recording equipment and green screens to audio recording booths and 3D printers, our aim is to provide users with access to our equipment and the support needed to complete digital projects.

Our studios are free to use and available to Seneca staff, students and Helix users. We encourage faculty to reserve studio time online or by contacting us via email.

Learn more about our Sandbox studios.

Studio Use

All Seneca users can reserve studio time at a Sandbox studio. Users are encouraged to work on both their academic and personal projects.

Group work is welcomed at the Sandbox as long as the user who reserved the studio is present during the session.

Our studios will always have a staff member present to set up and, if necessary, troubleshoot the technology. Our staff have been advised to not integrate themselves into a user's project, whether it be in pre- or post-production, as we aim to provide users with an authentic learning opportunity.

Users are able to reserve studio space through our online booking system.

Users are encouraged to explore and take advantage of the resources available throughout the Sandbox's website. Under the create tab, users can find a variety of how-to guides, tip-sheets and templates aimed to assist them with their digital projects.

Workshops that reinforce the concepts or digital skills required to complete a digital assignment are hosted by the Sandbox and run throughout the semester. Users are able to register for our workshops through our online registration system. We recommend that faculty take the opportunity to coordinate with a Sandbox staff member prior to directing their students to our workshop.

Some examples of workshops the Sandbox currently supports

Contact the Sandbox to learn more about our workshops.

Create Educational Videos

The Sandbox team is ready to assist you in creating animated, screen captured and live action videos. We have the tools, the space and the know-how to assist you in making your content more engaging.

Why use videos in our teaching?

Whether you use videos from YouTube or from your library’s streaming video collection, videos are an excellent teaching tool to use with your students.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Support multimodal learning
  • Appeal to multiple learning preferences and increase learner engagement
  • Help students understand complex concepts
  • Authentic learning
  • Develop digital literacies
  • Strengthen multiple core literacies

But keep in mind…

“…the integration of DV [digital video] technologies into subject teaching does not automatically improve the quality of work or standards of attainment; high quality teaching remains the key factor in raising achievement…” (Reid, M., Burn, A. & Parker, D., 2002).

Learn more about the benefits of using video in your teaching.

Do you think your students should know more about the Sandbox?
We certainly do!

The Sandbox supports all Seneca users with their class assignments, their personal projects and in enhancing their online brands and social media.

Schedule a class tour of our studio where a Sandbox staff member can introduce the Sandbox, direct your students to our online resources and answer questions. We can cater the length of this introduction to fit your class' schedule.

Schedule an in-studio Sandbox information session.