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Information for Faculty: Plagiarism and Citation

Plagiarism and Citation

We can help:
  • Support your students with APA & MLA citation styles.
  • Encourage your students to engage in scholarly conversations by reinforcing citation rules  through our Plagiarism & Citation tutorials.
  • Embed library tutorial packages to your MySeneca courses. 


Get in touch with the Library Citation Committee about plagiarism and citation:


Resources to support your teaching practice


 Academic Integrity Policy The policy that governs teaching and learning at Seneca College.

 Academic Integrity @ Seneca College  Seneca College's Academic Integrity website with resources for faculty and students.

Plagiarism & Citation Resources @ Seneca Libraries

 Assignment Calculator Provides students with a step-by-step timeline (based on due date) on how to complete various assignment types, such as research essays, annotated bibliographies, and lab reports.

 Citation Primer for Faculty Resources and instructional materials related to citation.

 Guide to Citing Sources MLA and APA citation guides.

 Library Tutorials & Blackboard Packages Academic Integrity, Plagiarism (MLA and APA) tutorials for students.

 Plagiarism Guide Overview of plagiarism and academic integrity resources.

The Learning Portal

The Learning Portal - How to Cite

Visit the How to Cite module on The Learning Portal to get a snapshot overview of citation and citation tools.

The Learning Portal - College Libraries Ontario

Plagiarism and Citation Resources

Academic Integrity @ Seneca College

Academic Integrity means that all Seneca College students will conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner in all aspects of their academic career.

As an educator, you have an important role in modeling academic integrity principles for your students, embedding those practices in your teaching. One way of ensuring students are aware of academic integrity expectations at Seneca College is to embed tutorials and/or packages specific to Academic Integrity in your courses.

Seneca Libraries support Academic Integrity by providing teaching and learning resources that introduce students to the concept of plagiarism and resources that support citing. The easiest way to prevent plagiarism and engage in a scholarly conversation is to include citations for referenced materials. (Please see Plagiarism guide)
Citing @ Seneca College

Citation of resources is an important part of Academic Integrity, as it engages students in scholarly conversation and prevents plagiarism.

As an educator, you have the responsibility to model best citing practices for your students. Ensure that all of your course resources follow correct citation and styling guidelines (MLA or APA), and that citation expectations are clearly outlined for students in your assignments.

One way of ensuring students are aware of citation guidelines is to embed tutorials and/or packages specific to citing in your courses.

  Visit the Guide to Citing Sources page for comprehensive support guides to MLA and APA citation styles.


Tutorials are self-directed eLearning resources, which introduce the concepts of academic integrity and citing principles to students. You can go through a tutorial with students during class, share a link to a tutorial, or embed a package with a tutorial in your MySeneca course. 

  Visit the Tutorials page for a list of Plagiarism and Citation tutorials. 

MySeneca Packages

Seneca Libraries has created packages with library resources for you to embed in your MySeneca courses. A package typically includes a link to a research tutorial (or a subject guide or other relevant resource), as well as a short assessment. If you decide on assigning a grade for the tutorial, students' progress will be automatically tracked in the Grade Centre.

  Download Instructions for Importing Library Packages into a MySeneca Course for a step-by-step overview. 

  Visit the Library Packages page for a list of all packages. 

Plagiarism & Citation Badge

Students may earn their Plagiarism & Citation badge by completing the Plagiarism & Citation online module. The 40-50 minute online module covers information on avoiding plagiarism and effectively citing sources.

Plagiarism and Citation module start page

Academic Integrity & Citation FAQs


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