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Art: Museum & Gallery Collections

This guide provides search tips and information on finding topics such as art, art history, technique, illustration, and more. Learn about where you can look for recommended materials within and outside of the library.

Museum & Gallery Collections

Museums and galleries help to preserve our cultural and natural heritage, and make artists' creative output accessible to researchers, academics, and the public. Many national museums make a large portion of their collections and exhibitions digitally available, as well as valuable research and learning materials. You can view these works individually or within the context of their collection to analyze and understand the materials used, artistic style, unique perspective, and their place within their broader culture.

Below you will find art galleries and museums from around the world, with contemporary and historical collections made available for your viewing online. Explore the wide variety of artworks and collections materials from these renowned institutions.




United States




Art Gallery of Ontario by Reg Natarajan, via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


South America

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