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Art: Library Resources

This guide provides search tips and information on finding topics such as art, art history, technique, illustration, and more. Learn about where you can look for recommended materials within and outside of the library.

What kind of resource do you need?

Before you start searching in the library, it's important to consider what kind of resource you are looking for. Are you in need of background information that would be available in a book or encyclopedia? What about cultural commentary on an issue from a journal article? Or, maybe an instructional video might be better suited to your needs.

Click on any of the images below to find resources for art related programs in a variety of formats.
If you need assistance with library research, see Seneca Libraries' Tutorials!

Research Resources

Databases & Articles

Image shared by ReadyElements, CC0 1.0


Shared by PixaHive, CC0 1.0


Books by Emma Lopez, CC BY NC 2.0

Visual Reference

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