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Art: Photography Careers

This guide provides research tips for searching topics such as: art history, illustration, photography and more. It also offers search tips and tricks for finding information about an artist or artwork.

This page is designed for students in the Independent Digital Photography (IDP) program. This page has some resources to help develop a career path or to identify a career related to photography. Check here for general career resources on resumes and cover letters.

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Other careers in photography to consider

  1. Picture/Photo Editor: Commissioning photography for magazines and newspapers, researching images and sourcing images from stock libraries. You may also be involved in arranging shoots, overseeing budgets and sourcing props.
  2. Retoucher: Post-producing images for photographers, either on a freelance basis or within an existing postproduction company.
  3. Stylist: Sourcing clothes and props for shoots and developing creative ideas for shoots with photographers and clients.
  4. Agent: Representing photographers for commercial work, marketing them to potential clients and overseeing budgets and all details concerning shoots and payment. You would start out working within an existing agency but may progress to establishing your own agency.
  5. Curator: Developing and creating exhibitions of photographers’ work.
  6. Location Finder: Finding locations for stills and moving image shoots. You would start out working within an existing agency but may progress to establishing your own agency.
  7. Production Assistant: Organizing all of the details for a photographic shoot, including locations, models, props and so on.
  8. Art Buyer: Commissioning photography for advertising campaigns, researching images and sourcing images from stock libraries for clients.
  9. Teacher/Lecturer: You will need to continue your photographic education and add a teaching qualification to teach, but there is no reason why you can’t consider this as an option.

Source: Scott, G. (2015). The essential student guide to professional photography. Retrieved from Safari database. 

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