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Researching Business People

Finding Biographical Information

Searching in an encyclopedic source, like the Britannica Online, is a quick way to search for biographies of famous people, prominent business executives, and other well-known people. To search for biographies in Britannica Online, sign in to the database using the link below, then search for the name of the person you're researching.

Screen-capture of the britannica online homepage, with the search box displayed


Library Search is a tool for searching many databases simultaneously. Library Search can be used to find books and articles mentioning a person, as well as encyclopedia or biographical resources.

Encyclopedias often provide brief biographies of well-known people.

To find results from encyclopedias and other reference sources:

1. Search for the name of the person in the Library Search box

library search name of person

2. Filter by Content / Material Type to Reference Entries. Limiting to Reference Entries will return results from biographical sources, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

content / material type filters

 Watch this video to see a search example using Library Search:

Give it a try! Find biographical information in a reference source:
1. Start at the Seneca Libraries homepage
2. Type the name of a person into the search box and search
3. On the results list, under Content/Material Type (on the left side of the page), select Reference Entries
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