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Researching Business People

Finding News and Magazine Articles

Magazines and newspapers may include profiles, interviews, and articles about the activities of business people and their companies.

Search in News & Current Event Databases for the name or the person to find articles mentioning them. Also try adding terms like interview, profile, or conversation, or if there are any specific topics you’re looking for information on.

Tips for searching for articles:

  • Sort results by Relevance to bring articles that are related to the search terms to the top of the list
  • Limit by date range to find current articles
  • Add more search terms to narrow the search

Watch this video to see a search example using Canadian Business and Current Affairs database:

Give it a try! Search for an article mentioning a person:
1. Sign into one of the Key Business Databases on the Business subject guide
2. Type the name of a person into the search box and search
3. Sort and filter your results - for example, look for options to sort by relevance, filter to news or magazine articles, or choose a date range
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