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Business: Journal Articles


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What is a scholarly or peer-reviewed article?

A peer-reviewed article is an article that has been subjected to the analysis and scrutiny of qualified professionals before publication. These articles are often lengthy, include many references to previous research, and often present the results of new research on a narrowly-focused topic.

Find scholarly or peer-reviewed articles by searching in a database, or using the Library Search box on the homepage. Within each database or search tool, look for options to filter or refine the search to only scholarly or peer-reviewed content.

Many scholarly journals also publish book reviews, editorials, and other similar content. Even if these are marked as 'peer-reviewed', they really aren't, so don't rely on them for your paper. 

Still not sure if your article is peer-reviewed? Check the journal/publisher website. Often they will tell you if the journal is scholarly or peer-reviewed.

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