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About Us

What We Do

We are a digital literacies program at Seneca affiliated with Seneca Libraries and can be seen as a starting point to creating great digital content. We provide a support system for students, faculty and staff including:

  • workshops and online resources for creating digital media like videos, podcasts, infographics, or digital stories.
  • editing stations, recording studios, equipment and software for creating digital media, as well as equipment and tools for maker projects like 3D printers.

Each workshop and online guide touches on the various aspects of the digital skill covered. For example, a video workshop not only teaches the tools and software required for video creation but also discusses citizenship issues, such as copyright, and privacy. We try to incorporate software and online resources that are freely available, or are freely accessible to Seneca students, staff and faculty.


Full-Time Staff

Alana Otis Alana Otis Workshop Lead
416-764-9803 Newnham
Allison Ball Allison Ball Workshop Support
416-764-9805 Newnham
Jennifer Peters Jennifer Peters Manager of Library Literacy, Instruction, and Outreach
416-764-9819 Newnham
Julio Palacios Julio Palacios Campus Lead
416-764-9822 Seneca@York
Lisa Elchuk Lisa Elchuk Workshop Lead
416-764-9825 Seneca@York
Ken Wu Ken Wu Campus Lead
416-764-9824 Newnham
Mohamad Tafish Mohamad Tafish Campus Lead
416-764-9829 King