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Opticianry: Eye Refraction

Seneca College Opticianry (OPTC) Research Guide

Optics Databases

Optics Streaming Videos

Optics: Bringing the World into Focus
  • Complex Processes of Vision 02:55
  • Macular Degeneration 03:21
  • Poor Vision: Myopia and Hyperopia 01:47
  • Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Treatment 01:32
  • Eye Diseases and Future Hope for Blindness 05:16
Visual Perception
  • What are After Images?  03:10
  • What is Lateral Inhibition? 03:09
  • Recognizing Color Imagery 03:10
  • Human Eye Blind Spots 03:09
  • Recognizing Structure and Form 03:10
  • 3-D Effects 03:10
  • What is an Impossible Figure? 03:37
  • Credits: Visual Perception00:28
Glass: How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson
  • Introduction: Glass: How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson 02:31
  • Properties of Glass 02:24
  • Master Glassmakers 02:01
  • Cristallo 03:01
  • Murano Glass 02:24
  • Spectacles 02:44
  • Printing Press 02:38
  • Glasses 02:01
  • Lenses 04:00
  • Cameras 02:37
  • Lunar Landing 02:26
  • Italian Mirrors 03:50
  • Keck Telescopes 03:57
  • Lens Distortions 04:00
  • Charles Vernon Boys 02:51
  • Thin Glass Fibers 02:41
  • Fiber Optics 03:35
  • Flicker 03:37
  • Sharing Visions 01:04
  • Credits: 00:30
Science of the Senses: Sight

This episode takes viewers on a fascinating tour of our visual world, from the moment light enters our eyes, to the way this information is transformed into electrical impulses and decoded by our brain – the domain of "visual perception". Seeing takes an immense amount of brainpower, more than 65% of the brain's neural pathways. This massive machinery has been intensely studied, and yet scientists continue to be surprised by what we see with our eyes and actually perceive with our brains. Viewers will literally see with "new eyes" as The Nature of Things explores the complexity and quirks of sight. World-class scientists will share the stories of new discoveries and what they have learned by studying patients suffering from a variety of visual disorders. Those personal stories will anchor the film as we reveal, in startling ways, how our eyes and brain trick us into seeing the world.



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