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Opticianry: Eyeglass Fabrication & Dispensing

Seneca College Opticianry (OPTC) Research Guide

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Framed: Overpriced Eyewear

Marketplace focuses on the outrageously high price of spectacles. In this eye-opening report, Tom Harrington pits Canada's biggest chain stores against the leading online retailer, a company whose new business model is a total game changer. He also catches up with an industry insider who challenged the established players and paid a huge price for defying the status quo.

The Eyes Have It (Glasses) Full Video (12:35)

Our near-sighted ancestors had to make do with lorgnettes, monocles, and Coke-bottle lenses. Today, wearing glasses can be fashionable and fun. Ever since the classic rhinestone cat-eyes from the ’50s, designs have gone crazy. Spectacles range from John Lennon’s singular style to Elton John’s vast collection with one thing in common: the lenses are light and comfortable. (13 minutes)

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Making Ophthalmic Lens

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Age Old Process of Lens Manufacturing


Duane's Clinical Ophthalmology Vol. 1

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