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BAM101/BAM107 Business Research Tutorial

Try it! Find a Magazine Article

 Search for a current and relevant magazine article on the electric boat industry.

Either navigate the database in the window below (scroll down and click Proceed to Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database), or open it in a new tab from this link:

  1. Log into Canadian Business and Current Affairs
  2. Enter the search criteria
    • Type electric boats into the search box
    • Limit the search to Full Text and to articles published in the Last 12 months
  3. Click Search
    • This found about 100 results, from various source types.
  4. Narrow the search results to Magazines
  5. Scroll through the results and find the article: "Of batteries and boats" published in the Economist, February 20, 2021.
  6. Click on the title of the article to read its full text.

On small screens, look for a Filter button. On larger screens, the filters will display on the right. Find Magazines listed under Source type

Sort the results by Relevance to bring articles that are more related to the search terms to the top of the list. Find this option on the left-side menu, or on small screens by clicking the Filter button.

This database provides access to a broad range of Canadian magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Test Your Knowledge

 Answer three questions about the "Of batteries and boats" article.

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