Acceptable Use Guidelines for Electronic Resources

Remote access to Seneca Libraries' electronic resources is limited to current Seneca students, faculty, and staff. Usage of the electronic products is monitored by Seneca College, and where incidents are found to be in violation of this agreement, the College will exercise its rights to take appropriate disciplinary action, as set forth in Seneca's Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.


Do not engage in systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading of content (entire journal issues, books, etc.)

It is normally acceptable to: It is normally NOT acceptable to:
  • search, view, retrieve, and display content for non-commercial personal, instructional, or academic research needs
  • save, print, or make copies of reasonable amounts or parts of the resources (such as individual journal articles) for non-commercial personal use
  • share content with other current Seneca students, faculty, and staff
  • post links to specific content in such a way that it is available only to other authorized users
  • sell or re-distribute content, or provide access to someone outside of the college community, such as an employer
  • share content with people other than current Seneca students, faculty, and staff
  • post actual content or articles to Web sites or listservs, private (e.g., a corporate Intranet) or public
  • modify or alter the content of licensed resources in any way
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"You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to access the books, and to reproduce and store portions of their contents for your personal, noncommercial use, all according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Full scale copying of book contents is expressly prohibited. You agree not to use 'Web spiders' or any other automated retrieval mechanisms when using the Service other than what is provided by the Service."
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