Need Help With Our Resources?

Which problem are you experiencing?

1. I cannot access any library resources.

>> Take a look at our access troubleshooting tips (you can submit a form from there too).

2. My access to electronic resources has been suspended.

>> Do you have Zotero installed in your browser? This browser add-on / plug-in engages in auto data transfers and leads to excessive data downloads which violates our electronic resources license agreements.

Disable Zotero through your browser's add-on/plug-in list and wait 45 minutes before trying to access again.
image showing how to disable Zotero in Firefox

zotero add-in screenshot
[click on the thumnail to see a larger version of the screenshot]

3. I cannot download any audiobooks / ebooks.

>> See our comprehensive help guide for downloading ebooks and audiobooks.

4. Safari eBooks will not let me back in and tells me I am "Signed Out". I'm not on campus.

>> If you see the "Signed Out" message on the top right corner of the page, ProQuest Signed Out Screenshot

click "Start Reading" or select a Table of Contents topic. ProQuest Start Reading Screenshot

when you see this message Safari Sign-On Message

click "Start using Safari as an Academic or Library user".
Please remember to log out after using an eBook - access to Safari is limited!
[solution and image provided by Timothy McKenna]

5. I want to use Google Scholar to see electronic articles available at Seneca Libraries.

>> Select "Seneca Libraries - Find it" under Library Links on the Google Scholar Preferences

6. Do you have a browser extension for the Seneca Libraries search?

>> Yes. Use our LibX version to add a library search toolbar to Firefox and Chrome browsers (LibX does not work with Internet Explorer).

Seneca Libraries LibX Edition is a Web browser extension that provides direct access to your Library's resources. It allows you to access our library search, Google Scholar or Worldcat from the LibX toolbar or by right-clicking. In addition, the icon cue Seneca LibX cue : SL indicates when a Web page has resources that Seneca Libraries may have.

For more information about Seneca Libraries LibX Edition visit

7. Can I use any of your online resources on my mobile device?

The Seneca Libraries website is responsive and designed for use on mobile devices. In addition, most of our digital services (library search, Ask Us, Subject Guides) also provide mobile access, and we endeavour to make all of our online services as mobile-friendly as possible.

Many of our resources (databases) will work on a mobile device but if you experience specific issues, let us know at

8. How do I use ... ?

Look for the Help link / button on each resource as these will address the most common questions and problems. Alternatively, you can also visit the service desks in the library to ask a question or make a research appointment.

9. None of these answers address my question.

If you have a library technology question, email your question to

If you have a general library question, use our general inquiry form.

If you would like to speak to a specific person / service, have a look at our Contact Us page.

We will try and respond within 24 - 48 hours.